Due to the current situation in event industry, events are being forced to either adapt or be postponed, in the worst cases even canceled. This article is however not meant to cause you deep depressions from cancellation, nor postponement, so let's find out how you can easily switch your in-person event to a virtual event with Eventee!

Benefits of virtual events and Eventee app in one place

The biggest advantage of a virtual event is that your attendees can watch your streams from wherever they want. On the other hand, the big disadvantage is the lack of personal connection and difficult communication, which leads to less engagement. And here is where Eventee app steps in. Thanks to the live streaming integration in Eventee you can simply stream your live sessions right through the mobile app and enjoy all the benefits of other powerful features at the same time.

Live streams through Eventee app

Create your event 🗓

First of all, you need to create your event in Eventee. Plan your schedule, add speakers and moderators, import attendees, easily prepare your whole event content in Eventee web admin. If you are new to Eventee, don't worry, Eventee is the most user-friendly tool that makes event creation a piece of cake! May you still be in doubt, there is a manual, which will help you throughout the whole process.

Your event is ready? Great! Let's move to the next step.

Choose your streaming service 🔴

The choice of the streaming service is fully up to you, there are many options you can choose from. Eventee supports all popular streaming services, such as Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo and the list goes on. To connect your stream with Eventee app, you just need to insert the URL link of your stream into Eventee. Simple as that!

Activate Live streaming ✔️

Before you can stream your live sessions to your attendees, you need to have this feature activated in your web admin. You can find the activation button in the tab Settings → Features. The button Manage opens a window where you can insert your stream links. During your event, the attendees have access to the sessions that are currently running. The running stream is visible in the detail of the session and your attendees can watch it just by one single click! Past and future sessions will show only description.

Engage your audience 🚀

Here comes the fun part! Throughout your virtual event, you can use Eventee features to engage the audience:

  • Announce upcoming streams or changes in schedule through Newsfeed with push-notification. Your attendees will know ahead what's coming next and won't miss any of your streams.
  • Let your attendees ask questions and vote in polls during sessions. This is a great way to discuss additional topics of attendees' interests.
  • The powerful networking feature allows the attendees to create valuable connections right inside the app. Newly your attendees can also video call each other and interact face-to-face, just like in real life.
  • Use Custom menu to share any information you want, e. g. list of sponsors, list of important links or even integrate online surveys, simply by inserting URL link of your survey into your custom menu. You can choose whether you want to share text, link, map or PDF file. The number of information cards is unlimited.

Using Eventee app is the easiest way to keep the benefits of in-person event, while switching to virtual event. And in case you are already virtual, it is definitely a great way to step up your game!

So far Eventee supports virtual events with integrated live streaming and video calls. We are planning to continue improving Eventee towards this way. You can look forward to web version of Live Polling and Live Questions with video streaming integration and much more, so stay tuned! 😉