Once you're reading this, you have probably decided that you want to have a mobile app at your event. That's a good step forward to make your event more interactive and to boost the attendee engagement.  It shoudn't surprise you when I tell you that people use mobile phones a lot. And they probably would do that also during lectures at your event because mostly it is just a habit. So what if you could take an advantage of this fact and create a digital space in their phone, where your event would be present as well?

There are many ways to handle Eventee features. But once you decide to have a mobile app on your conference, you should maximize the impact of that decision. That's also the reason why we've created this manual which includes the best practices from our clients, so that you don't need to figure them out by yourself.

This article is a little bit longer than the others, therefore we recommend taking a cup of coffee, read the article and actually try the things out after each chapter 😊


Let's take it step by step. When you register through our website, you are asked to create a new event. After filling some basic information about your event, you are directed to Schedule in your Admin menu, where you will probably spend the most of your planning time.

After you click on Dashboard, on the right side you can see a list with The Status of your event. It is a good navigator for you because you can control which information you have already filled in, and which not. By clicking on each of the items in the list, you will be directed to the target page.

Remember that during your planning phase, you can preview the event in your mobile phone. Click on the “Preview” button in the upper bar in administration and follow the instructions.

Event Information

In the Configuration, you have a card Event information. You should upload your event logo there and fill in some basic information such as event name, category, the time of the event and a short description for your attendees. The description could be basically anything, there are no limits for your imagination. However it cannot be longer than 512 characters. After the review process and successful publication, your event will be visible in Eventee as follows


This is the space where the magic happens. If you have Premium version, you can create multiple rooms and schedule for more than one day. You can also add coffee or networking breaks at your wish. On each individual lecture you can add description to motivate your attendees to go there. Moreover, you can also separately decide on which lectures you want to enable live questions.

  • No more useless printing of agenda
  • Possibility to make real-time changes in agenda
  • Possibility to add all the info to each individual lecture and set the right expectations.

The preview on a mobile app is following


In this section, you can create information cards for each of your speakers. You can fill in information such as name, company, BIO, etc. And what is more important - you can fill in all the contacts which the speaker wants to share with the attendees. This is the easiest way to ensure that your attendees can connect with your speakers and approach them later with any question. With just one click in the app, attendees can write them email or add them to their LinkedIn network.

  • You can easily connect attendees with speakers;
  • With interesting BIO you can motivate attendees to choose between lectures.

And how does it work for the attendee?

The easiest way to get the information about your speakers is to ask them for the information they want to share with the attendees, and rewrite them into Eventee. Here is the list of all information which the speaker can share with the attendees in Eventee: First and Last name, Company, Job, BIO, Email, Phone number, Web, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Country, Language.

Information cards

This section is a good source of information of any kind for your attendees. You can create unlimited number of cards, which will appear inside the mobile app in Menu section. These cards may contain whatever you want to tell to your attendees

  • Information about your sponsors and links to their webpages;
  • Recommendation for restaurants or hotels;
  • Links to questionnaires of any kind, feedbacks etc;
  • Pictures of outdoor map of your venue;
  • Pictures of indoor map or placement of exhibitors;
  • Links to download all presentation from speakers.

Preview on the mobile app:


Newsfeed is the tool which ensures smooth flow of information between you and your attendees. It can help you to boost  the engagement and to communicate everything you need. There are no limits, you can post pictures, GIFs, plain texts - at any time. You can choose to send the messages with push notifications which ensures that your attendees won't miss any important news.

You have three options for using newsfeed

  • Plan and schedule all the posts in advance;
  • Write and send the posts in real time during the event;
  • Combine these two approaches

For example, you know that there will be a coffre break at 8 AM and the first lecture starts at 9 AM. You schedule an announcement for 8:45 AM, which tells the attendees that they should come to the main hall in a few minutes. Afterwards, if you see that people are not coming yet,  you can send them another reminder straight from your mobile phone.

You can use the newsfeed to tell your attendees everything you need and want. Few examples

  • Announce the start and end of each break;
  • Remind attendees to give feedback to the speakers after sessions;
  • Recommend where to go for a lunch;
  • Remind to ask questions;
  • Remind the attendees to check the information cards.

Remember to log into the Eventee mobile app with the same account you use in the web administration in order to be able to use some admin functions inside the app as well. For example you can send newsfeed posts through the mobile app conveniently during the conference. Don't forget that the more posts you send, the more engagement you are going to get! 💪

Social Networks Integration

In the section Engagement in your administration, besides the Newsfeed, you can also find an Integration of Twitter and Instagram. What are the benefits of this?

  • Increased attendee engagement by sharing pictures and tweets;
  • “Free” promotion of your event brand by the attendees;
  • Connection of your attendees' social networks profiles.

Firstly, you have to come up with a list of hashtags which you want to use for your conference. It could be basically anything related to your conference - if you have a conference named “Activating Leadership 2019”, it could be simply #activatingleadership19 or #acitavtingleadership2019. Do the same for Instagram and Twitter. However, avoid using general hashtags and try to use more specific ones related to your event. Be aware that all the tweets and pictures which have ever been used with the hashtags you choose will be seen in Eventee. For example, #activatingleadership will not be a good choice because there are a lot of posts which have already been posted with this hashtag.

Moreover, you can add your Twitter account and all the tweets from your account will be shown in the application.

How to encourage your attendees to use the hashtags?

  • Show the hashtags on visible places - spread them in the venue, add them to a presentation or send them by email;
  • Create a competition and motivate your attendees to share photos (for example the craziest photo of the event wins a prize)

Please, don't forget that the attendees need to have a public profile on Instagram in order to show her/his posts in Eventee. Remind the attendees to do so. 😊


In Configuration -> Freatures, you can turn on a Networking function. What are the benefits of this feature?

  • Attendees can create valuable business connections;
  • Attendees can network during a day, they can chat, they can set an appointment;
  • Each attendee can decide who he/she wants to meet and who not - this ensures that your attendees will not be contacted by people they don't want to meet.

How does it work? Each attendee who wants to network has to fill in a short personal profile. Afterwards, they can meet the others, by simply swiping left or right. Once they match, they can start chatting and setup a meeting right at your event.

You can motivate the attendees to network and remind them during the day that they don't need to wait for the evening party. Networking couldn't be any easier! 🤝

Live questions

Did you know that the fear of public speaking is believed to affect up to 75 % of the population? It means that there are probably people in your audience with interesting questions, but are too shy to ask it aloud. Thats where live questions feature comes into action:

  • Enables to ask questions through Eventee, with a real name or nickname;
  • Enables the attendees to vote for the most interesting ones;
  • Each session has a separate list of questions

You, as an administrator, have a competence to delete questions which are similar or not proper to ask. The only thing you need to do is to be in Eventee mobile application logged with the same account as in administration. After that, by clicking on “Ask a question” in individual lectures, you can observe the questions which are asked and with left swipe delete them, if necessary. Moreover, with a right swipe you can hide the ones which have already been asked.

Additional features

In the Configuration you can see Features section. Here you can decide which features you want to use on your event and which not. Besides already mentioned Newsfeed and Networking, you can allow following features

Pin code

Do you want to keep your event private? This feature

  • Enables to lock your event with a PIN code;
  • Users of Eventee app can view your event only with the correct PIN code.


This feature enables to track how many attendees have visited each lecture. It requires to buy special devices called iBeacon on estimote.com. At least one per room. If you are interested to track it for your event, please, contact us individually as the process is more complex and needs individual care.

Public API

You can generate your own API token. With API access

  • You are able to update the agenda of an event;
  • You can share the login information between Eventee and your site.

Once you have everything prepared, you can send your event into review process. Please, make sure that you have filled in all the necessary information. If you forget to fill some of the important information, you will not be able to send the event for a review. Furthermore, remember that even after publishing you still can make changes in agenda or settings. The changes will be visible immediately in the mobile application.

As soon as your event is published, you will receive an email. Right after that you should spread the information that you use Eventee mobile app among the attendees and encourage them to download it and log in to your event.

You have several options of how to motivate the attendees to download and use Eventee

  • Download QR code or copy the link from your Dashboard and publish it on your website or social media pages;
  • Send the QR code or link via email to your attendees;
  • Use a link to download the app directly from App Store or Google Play and share it with your attendees. After downloading, the attendees can easily find your event in the app.

The QR code works as a deeplink. It means that once your attendees scan the QR code or click on the link, they will be directed to App Store or Google Play to download the Eventee app. After the download and registration, they will get right into your event. In case they already have Eventee app installed before, they will be directed to your event right away.

Remember that the more encouragment the attendees will receive from you, the higher the download rate is going to be. 🙂


We know that event organizing is challenging, especially the day of realization. However, Eventee can significantly help you to achieve a smooth running. Here are some tips for you which you should not forget in order to maximize the impact of Eventee on your conference

  • Log in to Eventee with the same account as you are in Administration in order to have special functions as an admin of an event - you can add posts into newsfeed through a mobile app and manage live questions from attendees;
  • Make real-time changes in agenda - if it is necessary, postpone the timing of schedule, every change gets updated in the app right away;
  • Spread the QR code through the venue together with the hashtags relevant for your event;
  • Remind the attendees to download and use the app, remind them more than just once;
  • Explain the attendees which functions they can use and how - encourage them to network and to share photos and tweets;
  • Remind the attendees that they can find all the information cards in the application;
  • Use Newsfeed - schedule the important messages in advance and additionally use it during the event;
  • Remind the attendees to give feedback to the speakers after each lecture. You can motivate them by making a competition as well;
  • Make a competition in order to support your attendees to share pictures and tweets from your event.

If you have any questions or wishes, please, contact us on hello@eventee.co. We are here for you, ready to help. Good luck! 🤩